Visual Paradigm Community Edition

A reliable and practical software solution specially designed for users who need to create diagrams in order to analyze the data flow. Read more about Visual Paradigm Community Edition
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Perform UML Modeling in NetBeans with Visual Paradigm Video
Oracle’s NetBeans is one of the major player in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) market. With Visual Paradigm’s IDE Integration capability, you can integrate Visual Paradigm with NetBeans. This allows developers to run UML environment seamlessly in NetBeans. Our integration not just allows developer to create UML diagrams right inside NetBeans, but also perform code engineering on Class and Sequence Diagram in effortless way. In this vide we will show you how to integrate your Visual Paradigm with NetBeans, and perform UML modeling as well as code engineering in there. • Visual Paradigm Standard Edition is required for perform code engineering in NetBeans. Related Links Tutorial on Perform UML Modeling in NetBeans Visual Paradigm User’s Guide: NetBeans Integration Try it free for 30 days