StereoPhoto Maker

A versatile stereo image editor viewer that can help you create anaglyph images or align multiple graphic files at the same time. Read more about StereoPhoto Maker
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How to convert two pictures into 3D using Stereo Photo Maker Video
This is an explanation of one way to create 3D pictures from 2D pictures taken from different positions using Stereo Photo Maker and a 3D television hooked to your computer.
Tuesday's Tech Tips: Make your own 3D photos for free with StereoPhoto Maker. Video
With a simple technique for taking pictures, along with free application StereoPhoto Maker, you can make your own 3D images, in a variety of formats, even if you only have one camera. Links mentioned in this week's Tuesday's Tech Tips: Music: E_volution by BS From the album "Best of": Creative Commons Licensed CC-BY 3.0 Images: .| Future |. by Clix Stock.xchng License Other Content: Active DataComm® is a registered trademark of Active DataComm, Inc. in the United States. Some content has been licensed for use by Active DataComm® via/by private companies or individuals. This video may contain copyrighted material, the use of which has may not have been authorized by the copyright holders, and is included for the purposes of advancing the viewer's understanding of the topics depicted. This video is distributed, free of charge, to viewers who have expressed a prior interest in receiving it, for the purposes of education. It is believed that this constitutes a "fair use" of such material as provided for in the copyright laws of the United States of America. Disclaimer: No warranty is offered or implied on behalf of Active DataComm, and use of the preceding information is at your own risk. Some links in the video and description may take you to third-party pages; as with any file you download from any website, it is important to scan any files you download with modern, current anti-virus software. Active DataComm respects intellectual property, including proprietary licenses as well as Creative Commons and FOSS licenses, and does not support or condone the use of any of the sites or tools we may share, for illegal, unethical, or prohibited purposes. For more information, click, call, or come by!