SiSoftware Sandra

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SiSoftware Sandra SiSoftware Sandra Video
SiSoftware Sandra Video
iSoftware Sandra provides a robust package of diagnostic tools for testing your system and teasing out its problems or potential headaches This download launches a cheerfully designed interface with an array of colorful one might even say sprightly icons for each of its tools Its arrangement of tools was nicely categorized for the user's benefit Computer Maintenance Module Types Benchmarks Hardware Software Support and Program Maintenance Across the top of the window are tabs for each category that match the icons and each tab provides access to a set of focused tools We were very pleased with SiSoftware Sandra's performance during our tests We liked that we could choose from a thorough list of options of items for tests less robust packages simply run their diagnostics without informing the user just what is getting tested or how Novices may be in the dark about some of the particulars listed by the app's option boxes but experienced users will appreciate the thoroughness Thanks to these option lists we were able to pinpoint devices peripherals and processes for testing we didn't have to wait for the tool to run a complete test through our entire system We also liked the benchmarking and reporting features which are required for anyone interested in comparing performance over time or developing trending reports Download SiSoftware Sandra Find me @