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► What is a Program ► The Qbasic ► Starting Qbasic ► Creating a New Program File ► Writing, Running, Saving a Program ► Comments/Statements ► Constant and Variables QuickBasic is a programming language developed by Microsoft for use in MS-DOS operating system. It is the successor of earlier forms of BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), a simple programming language for beginning programmers. QB is an ideal programming language for beginners because of its intuitive commands, simple structure and flexibility. It is a well-documented software and hundreds of tutorials and sample programs are available for download on the Internet. By programming the computer you can solve math problems, create art or music, and even make new games. It's all up to you. QBasic is a high level programming language which means that it is written in a language similar to English. What is a Program? The QBASIC Starting QBASIC The Q-Basic screen is divided into two modes. Creating a New Program File Write a Program Save a Program Running a Program Commands / Statements: 1. PRINT 2. End Constants and Variables: Constants Variables Numeric variables String variable Rules for giving variable names Operators a. Arithmetic Operators: b. Relational Operators c. Logical Operators