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Chrome extension that allows users to have remote parties by synchronizing the playback of Netflix videos on multiple computers.. Read more about Netflix Party
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How To NETFLIX PARTY - Have A Netflix Watch Party With Friends Video
Hey, gang! Today we're gonna have a great time going over the steps to install and enjoy #NetflixParty so we can all have Live #Netflix Watch Parties together on Egotastic FunTime. Follow my instructions and come join us every week or start your own Netflix Party! INSTALL NETFLIX PARTY ON CHROME: How to Join Netflix Party... 1) Install Netflix Party Extention on Chrome 2) Sign into 3) Click on NP in upper right corner of browser & enjoy! Please help JP keep the Egotastic Dream alive by becoming a Patreon: Seth Trek Limited Edition Tees: TWITCH ►► EGOTASTIC HELP JAR ►► __ JP's PO BOX PO Box 33389 Tulsa, OK 74153 __ TWITTER ►► FACEBOOK ►► DOT COM ►► __ Merch: SETH TREK SHIRT..................► SETH TREK LONGSLEEVE.....► SETH TREK POSTER..............► EGOTASTIC SHIRT..................► EGOTASTIC LONGSLEEVE.....► THE ORVILLE SEASON...........► Special thanks to Ryan J Officer of CreatiVast ARTS for creating The Orville viewscreen overlay and EFT Logo for me: The Orville Theme (Metal Cover): Hey, gang. Thank you so much for watching my stupid show. Your continued support means the world to me. I hope all your times are Egotastic FunTimes... LOVE YOU! BYE BYE! #TheOrville #StarTrek #TheExpanse __ THE FOLLOWING SLEW OF KEYWORDS IS FOR THE YOUTUBE BOTS AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VIEWER. YOUTUBE IS A FICKLE BEEYATCH WHERE 400 HOURS OF CONTENT IS UPLOADED EVERY MINUTE. REINFORCING YOUR KEYWORDS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HELP A VIDEO KEEP IT'S HEAD OUT OF THE MUCKY MUCK OF USELESS GARBAGE THAT IS CONSTANTLY BEING UPLOADED TO THIS SITE. DO YOU EVEN YOUTUBE, BRO? Netflix Party,Netflix,Netflix Watch Party,Netflix and chill,Netflix Watchparty,Facebook Watch Party,Netflix live,Netflix live stream,Netflix friends,Netflix Star Trek,Star Trek,Star Trek Netflix,Watch,Party,Watchparty,Watch Party