Excel addin that lets you modify right-click menus. Read more about MenuRighter
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How to Change Excel Right-Click Menus Video
The right-click menus in Excel make it easy to apply commands quickly. For example, right-click a column heading, and click Insert, to add a new column. Unfortunately, the commands that you use most often might not be on those popup menus. Instead, you have to use keyboard shortcuts, or use the commands on the Excel Ribbon. However, there is a free Excel add-in that you can use, to customize those right-click menus. Add the commands that you do want, and remove the commands that you don't need. You can download the MenuRighter add-in from the YourSumBuddy website, at this URL: Then, install the add-in, and there are instructions on my website, if you're not sure how to do that. The MenuRighter add-in appears as a command on the Developer tab of the Excel Ribbon. If you don't see that tab, follow the instructions here to show it: This video shows how to find a command that you want to install, then select a target menu, and add it there. You'll also see how to remove a command that you don't need on the right-click menus. 0:00 Introduction 1:15 Download the MenuRighter Add-In 1:32 Open the MenuRighter 1:55 Find a Command 3:57 Remove a Command 4:15 Reset a Menu 4:26 Save Time With MenuRighter