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An advanced and efficient piece of software designed to help you monitor and manage routers, servers, switches and other various network components. Read more about LoriotPro Free Edition
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How to use LoriotPro Although the workspace seems a little bit crowded, that is only because of the multitude of functions the program has to offer. The solution for the crowded interface is to hide the unnecessary windows and menus, so you can only focus on the windows you need to track. In order to read the network logs quicker, different actions or events are colored in different tones, so you can easily differentiate them. Each toolbar, besides the fact that you can hide it completely, you can also customize it by removing the unnecessary buttons. Also, the windows can be separated from the main program, allowing you to move them anywhere on your desktop, in order to monitor only specific network events. Complex network manager LoriotPro Free Edition allows you to easily monitor and manage various network devices, such as workstations, printers, switches, servers, and even IP connected applications. Another interesting feature is the ability to control and monitor smart infrastructures, such as video cameras, sensor devices and other information appliances. LoriotPro Free Edition allows you to discover and manage every piece of hardware or software connected to the network. Useful alarms and alerts LoriotPro Free Edition can be used to set various network-related conditions that, when activated, will notify and alert you of the system or the network status. You can set alarms and messages to notify you each time critical network events occur, so you can promptly take action. An advanced network managing tool To summarize, LoriotPro Free Edition is an elaborate and complex application designed to aid you in monitoring and managing various network devices and software, with useful features like alarms and notifications for preset conditions and events.