Larva Mortus

Action horror game about hunting of supernatural monsters. Read more about Larva Mortus
Larva Mortus Larva Mortus Video
Larva Mortus Video
Let's Play Larva Mortus Part 1 - Regaining Power Video
The intro cinematic can be found here - - I actually uploaded it at one point, but then saw someone else had already put it up, and I don't like having duplicates on YouTube. Anyway, Larva Mortus is an indie game developed by Rake in Grass, published by Meridian4, and available on Steam. It's a top-down action shooter with a gothic horror theme, where the player takes on the role of a member of "The Agency" dedicated to destroying supernatural threats. The player will roam around various areas, going from room to room eliminating monsters and finding a variety of items. ...It's also a game that needs more love and attention, which is why I am recording a narrated playthrough, or "Let's Play" of it and uploading it to YouTube. Warning - this is my first attempt at an LP, and I'm nowhere near as talented as some other LPers out there. But, I try my best. A note - I'll occasionally make references to "roleplaying" and "my own story." It's just something I do, I frequently make up my own stories or backgrounds for the games I play. It's really not all that different from the game's plot. Feel free to ignore it or partake of it. I play as Marcus, who has dedicated his life to eliminating all otherworldly threats to mankind, along with his younger brother Thomas, whose engineering skills ensure Marcus' equipment is up-to-date and lethal, and Klaus, a mysterious man with connections from across the world - and from beyond it. This small group is insignificant compared to the tide of horrors they face... but they are dedicated to doing everything that they can, because this is what they must do. This first video is simply me getting used to the game again and playing a couple side-missions until I can play the main storyline, and all the while explaining the game away. I recorded this video in two sections, so forgive the transition, I thought the missions would take longer... but they were pretty short, so I merged them. Also forgive any dissonance that may occur between the video and the voice recording - I found it was easier to record the gameplay and voice separately... which meant there's a lot less "uh's" but a whole lot of video editing, especially if what I was thinking while playing doesn't match up with what I was thinking while recording the lines later. Important to note - I don't own this game. I mean, I purchased a download of it on Steam, but otherwise I don't own it! You could argue that I kinda own my own interpretations and stories regarding these events, but that's a debate for another day. All rights go to Rake In Grass and Meridian4 as appropriate.