Kasbrik 3D

This game is a breakout in 3D.. Read more about Kasbrik 3D
Kasbrik 3D Kasbrik 3D Video
Kasbrik 3D Video
"Kasbrik 3D is a great paddle game. The game features great 3D graphics, nice sound effects, lots of options, 10 customizable levels, and awesome gameplay. One of the more particular options is to change the camera view to the paddle's perspective! There's also lot's of power-ups such as a larger paddle, bigger balls, extra lives, and more. Kasbrik has also tons of 3D effects like particles, explosions, trails behind balls, etc. All in all, if you're a paddle game fan, download this game!" Features: - Particle systems (explosions, ball trails, ...) - Up to three balls at the same times - Many pick-ups (next level, new life, large paddle, small paddle, big ball, small ball, fast and slow motion, ...) - Camera can be set in any position and INSIDE the paddle itself - Hi scores - 10 customisable levels