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WordPress vs. Joomla! Comparison Between Most Known CMS Websites Video
In this video, we're making WordPress vs. Joomla! comparison for people who need to choose a CMS platform for their future website. Get WordPress themes and Joomla templates as a starting point for your website. This video on WordPress Joomla comparison is split into several short but important sections. Learn more about the principal differences between them that can help you make the best choice meeting your goals and needs. 0:30 Intro to WordPress 1:58 Intro to Joomla 3:13 WordPress Joomla difference 3:27 Joomla/WordPress Usability 4:14 Joomla/WordPress Security 4:36 Joomla CMS & WordPress CMS Support 5:20 Joomla/WordPress Add-ons ❓Joomla or WordPress: Which CMS to Pick? You need to compare WordPress and Joomla before you start building your website. It’s important to understand what pros and cons each platform has. It helps you understand what you need to choose for your website. 🔴Did you know, the WordPress CMS is #1 content management system used globally? It has numerous plugins and add-ons that allow you to create the website you want. Joomla CMS also has numerous extensions and plugins. If you clearly understand WordPress Joomla differences you can easily choose the platform for your future website, whether you create an online store, a blog or something else. Why is it important to understand what to choose – Joomla or WordPress❓ ✔️Each CMS has its benefits and drawbacks ✔️They have different data security approaches ✔️They have various plugins to help you create the website you want Both CMS are complex solutions that help you create the website you need. Both are relatively easy to use and they are quite flexible so you can do almost everything. This video is focused on the main Joomla vs WordPress differences. This video is completely novices-friendly. After watching this video you will clearly know the pros and the cons of each system. You will be ready to choose the platform that meets all your requirements. 📌Read more about Joomla or Wordpress comparison here: ~~~ Subscribe to our channel to learn more about website design: You can also follow us here to learn more about our company and what we do: 🔖Facebook 🐦Twitter 📷Instagram 📎Pinterest 🏀Dribble in LinkedIn