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HelpNDoc FREE Authoring Tool - Review and Overview Video
HelpNDoc is a FREE online authoring software tool used to write online help, ebooks, generate PDFs, and chm files. I review this free software and give a brief overview on how to use this useful tool. As a Technical Writer, I find these tools very helpful to generate and share to multiple platforms. NOTE: HelpNDoc installs as an exe file and not a zip file. Also it does not load an extra browser (Bing) by default. I must have installed it from a third party site when installing. Thank you. Please share and comment on this tutorial. Thank you for watching. Download the free software: ♡ Other of my YT videos you might find interesting: Beware of a photography email scam: How to Import iMovie Themes to Premiere Pro: How to Upload Your Huge YT Files in a Jiffy!: I Can't See My Pictures in iMovie!: ♡ Check me out and communicate through these sites: Twitter: @mischloss Instagram: mschlossbergphotos Website: Facebook: mariaschlossbergphotos Helpndoc, mischloss, life according to maria, authoring tool, technical writing, online help, technical documentation, ebook generation, software review, better writing, creating eBooks -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "ALL DAY WEAR TEST LA Girl Pro HD Coverage Foundation - Chatty GRWM" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-