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Greenfoot Greenfoot Video
Greenfoot Game Programming Tutorial - Episode 1: Setting Up Video
Hello everyone! Today, I'm trying out a new type of video where I will be teaching you guys how to create some awesome games with Greenfoot. I hope you enjoy it. In this video, we look at how to create a world and add a character into said world. If you enjoy this, be sure to leave a like. Also, please comment on what you guys want out of this series. I am willing to take this in any direction, as long as you guys are enjoying the content. Greenfoot can be downloaded for free at: Intro Song: DIY - Savoy Video Song 1: Theory of Everything - dj-Nate Video Song 2: Hexagon Force - Waterflame Outro Song: Time Machine - Waterflame Buy DIY by Savoy on iTunes: Download Theory of Everything by dj-Nate on Newgrounds: Buy Hexagon Force by Waterflame on iTunes: Buy Time Machine by Waterflame on iTunes:
Flappy Bird Day 1 (Greenfoot Project - Intro Java) Video
To download images and get more project information, visit
Java (Greenfoot) Platform Game (Work In Progress) Video
Gameplay video (Work in progress) So far, I've got the basics of a platformer game built. The theme may (probably will) change. There are sounds other than the music, but my screen recorder is too crappy to record audio..