ESET Win32/Poweliks Cleaner

A simple removal tool for the Poweliks trojan that scans your entire system thoroughly in order to detect traces of the aforementioned infection. Read more about ESET Win32/Poweliks Cleaner
ESET Win32/Poweliks Cleaner ESET Win32/Poweliks Cleaner Video
Trojan.Poweliks Removal Video
Trojan.Poweliks Removal There is a couple of tools now to removal this nasty malware from the computer, one is from ESET and the other is from Symantec FixPoweliks64 or FixPoweliks32 and the other type ESET Poweliks Cleaner will remove this backdoor from the system, you will have web sites blocked and multiple dllhost files running on the system, you will be getting powershell errors and the computer system resources with be 100% CPU usages and very high memory usage. This malicious virus infection injects nasty registry entries. You will need to reset your browsers and run other software like Malwarebytes, Hitmanpro, Rouge Killer and Eset Online Scanner to make sure the system is clean. You can get all the likes from my web site