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Bookmanager is a powerful tool for automatic process of books placement in 3ds max. It is written in MaxScript and has a wide range of features such as cloning, scaling, alignment, placing books in array or on polygons, vertically, horizontally or at an angle, randomly or by series. The script goes as a single product and free with Vol.06 Books. Demo version is also available. Bookmanager 1.0 Changelog: New features: + Ability to place books directly into shelf polygons with auto and manual shelf adding mode + Create books as instances + Flipped books + Ability to set how much shelves have Leaning/Horizontal/Flipped books + Ability to set random quantity of Leaning/Horizontal/Flipped books on different shelves + Reset settings to default values Improvements * New UI design with roll-outs * Shelf thickness was replaced by two values: Rows distance and Columns distance * Horizontal books depth alignment was improved * Leaning books quantity spinner was replaced with Min/Max quantity slider * Horizontal books quantity spinner was improved and replaced with Min/Max stacks * Horizontal books height algorithm was improved * Uniform distribution algorithm for books series was improved * Entering values to Min/Max shelf fill and Min/Max books in series spinners was improved * Tooltips for options were added