Avast Secure Browser

A Chromium based secure web browser that includes built-in security and privacy features.. Read more about Avast Secure Browser
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Take control of your privacy and security with Avast Secure Browser Video
Which browser do you use? One that lets advertisers track you? One that isn’t secure? The standard one? Download Avast Secure Browser for free ➤ https://www.avast.com/en-us/secure-browser Introducing Avast Secure Browser. For full control over your privacy. It's packed with built-in security and privacy features. Say goodbye to tracking cookies and storing your browsing history. Tired of being followed online? Shake pursuers with Anti-Tracking. Don't want websites to know who you are? No one does. Get your privacy back with Anti-Fingerprinting. Worried your online payments aren't secure? Get your confidence back with Bank Mode. Think all that would slow you down? Nope. Browse up to 4x faster by blocking ads and cryptocurrency miners Ready for a change? Switch to Avast Secure Browser today ➤ https://www.avast.com/en-us/secure-browser