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Action! - Screen and game recorder Action! - Screen and game recorder Video
Action! Game Recorder Complete Setup Tutorial - Record, Stream, & Benchmark Video
Complete setup tutorial for Recording and Streaming with Action! Including recommended settings for Streaming, Recording, Benchmarking, and setting up your audio. Was this helpful? Subscribe for more! Check out Larry's Gaming Channel: Check out the Action Recorder for Yourself ($30): -- Skip Index -- Explanation of Interface 1:02 Video Recording Setup 2:30 Streaming Setup 10:23 Audio Recording 12:24 Benchmarking 13:38 Screenshot Settings: 13:59 General Settings 14:26 Multi-Track Audio Recording 14:53 Mic Settings 16:10 Desktop Audio 16:58 Webcam Setup & Overlay Interface 17:45 Export Settings 22:49 Hotkey Settings: 23:51 Built In Editor 23:59 --- Social & Credits --- Larry on Facebook! ► Larry on Twitter ►