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Guide to Audit Websites for Errors and SEO Using A1 Website Analyzer Video
Note: Best viewed in HD quality and maximized (it may take 15-20 seconds for the video quality to become HD) A1 Website Analyzer is a website and link analysis tool. After site crawl, it can filter and show you all pages (including broken links to internal and external URLs), file sizes, response codes, duplicate content, titles, descriptions, H1, H2 canonical, internal anchor text to pages, link line numbers, link follow/nofollow states, navigation click length, all top keywords and a ton of other data. It will also calculate internal link juice "score" of all pages. You can also check our written guide here: http://www.microsystools.com/products/website-analyzer/help/site-analysis-seo-audit/
HTML and CSS Validate All Pages Using A1 Website Analyzer Video
Check all your pages, in a single site scan, for HTML and CSS errors using either W3C validators or TIDY error checking.
Find and Solve Broken Links and Redirects With A1 Website Analyzer Video
Crawl website in A1 Website Analyzer to view all sorts of URL errors including e.g. "404 - not found". With the link checker tools, you can quickly see from where error and working URLs are linked and redirected from.