Download OCCT OCCT 5.5.1
System stability testing
Download Process Monitor Process Monitor 3.53
Advanced system monitoring tool
Download CpuFrequenz CpuFrequenz 2.44
Small tool to accurately identify the CPU frequency. The PC is slow! Is it the C
Download USBLogView USBLogView 1.26
Documents the facts of any Hardware device that's plugged/unplugged into the body
Download Meminfo Meminfo 3.5.1
MemInfo displays the current memory usage of Windows in the system tray.
Download SysGauge SysGauge 6.5.18
System monitoring and reporting
Download EventMeister EventMeister
Monitor Windows Event Logs
Download Hard Disk Sentinel Professional Hard Disk Sentinel Professional 5.40
Monitor hard drive health and performance
Download LogMeister LogMeister
Universal log reader
Download AppCrashView AppCrashView 1.35
Displays the details of all application crashes occurred in your system.
Download Yale::Network Usage Yale::Network Usage 1.18
Yale::See network adapter usage
Download MJ Registry Watcher MJ Registry Watcher
A simple system tray application that monitors for changes to any of the startup folders, registry etc
Download Unchecky Unchecky 1.2
Prevent accidental installations of third party offers
Download Corsair Link Corsair Link
A handy application that enables you to monitor the fans, temperature, case lighting and other motherboard sensors from you computer
Download SensorsView SensorsView 4.3
Monitors temperature of CPU, motherboard, hard disks, voltages and fan speeds.
Simple Disable Key VERY USEFULL
@SwIt Printfil Very good
Vista Shortcut Manager bueno