Download WOT for Firefox WOT for Firefox 2020.03.26
Website reputation ratings
Download NoScript NoScript 11.0.22
NoScript allows JavaScript and Java execution only for trusted domains of your choice
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Download Facebook Container Facebook Container 2.1.0
Prevent Facebook from tracking you around the web
Download ForecastFox ForecastFox 4.25
Firefox weather add-on
Download Flagfox Flagfox 6.1.24
Shows which nation sites are found in
Download SearchPreview SearchPreview 12.6
Adds thumbnails to search results
Download Wappalyzer for Firefox Wappalyzer for Firefox 5.9.4
Shows technologies used by websites
Download Firefox Download Unblocker Firefox Download Unblocker 6.0
Toggle blocking of file downloads in Firefox
Download anonymoX anonymoX 4.3
A simple and efficient Firefox extension that enables you to browse the Internet anonymously and switch between various virtual identities
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Download iMacros for Firefox iMacros for Firefox
Use iMacros for Firefox to easily automate your web browser
Download Firefox CookieMan Firefox CookieMan 1.0
View and manage Firefox cookies
Download Firefox Search History Cleaner Firefox Search History Cleaner 1.0
View, delete or export your Firefox search history
Download Classic Theme Restorer Classic Theme Restorer 1.7.6
Customize Firefox
Download DownThemAll! DownThemAll! 3.0.7
Mozilla Firefox extension that adds new advanced download capabilities to your browser
Download Web Developer Extension for Firefox Web Developer Extension for Firefox 2.0
Analyze web page structures
Alt-Tab Terminator Very good
ITL Windows Optimizer Crap - do not download
KwikSolve Perfect software to clean up your PC.