Download EF Duplicate Files Manager EF Duplicate Files Manager 20.05
Find out duplicate files with same name, same size, same content
Download Manyprog Find Duplicate Files Manyprog Find Duplicate Files 2.4
Find duplicate, search for duplicates, search similar files
Sub Category Program Row
Download Directory Lister Directory Lister 2.41
List & print folder contents in Windows into HTML, text, CSV, Excel, database
Download Directory Report Directory Report 59
Directory Report - Directory printer, find duplicate files, rename files and show folder size.
Download Duplicate Media Finder Duplicate Media Finder 6.008
Remove duplicate files with Duplicate Media Finder on PC smartphones & cloud
Download AllDup AllDup 4.4.22
Find duplicate files
Download cURL cURL 7.69.1/7.70.0 B
Transfer files using URL syntax benefiting from the support for a large number of protocols and certificates
Download DiskSorter Pro DiskSorter Pro 12.6.14
File classification utility
Download Anki Anki 2.1.21
Friendly, intelligent flashcards
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Download Ultracopier Ultracopier
Improved file copy for Windows Explorer
Download RecentX RecentX 5.0.10
Keeps track of files used
Download Beyond Compare Beyond Compare 4.3.4
File and folder comparison
Download Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Auslogics Duplicate File Finder
Find duplicate files
Download EF AutoSync EF AutoSync 20.02
A Practical tool for automatic data synchronization between the PC and other
Download FastCopy FastCopy 3.86
Copy, move and delete files faster
Foxit PDF Editor it is fantastic
Duplicate Media Finder Fast and accurate
FoneLab for Android was surprised how straightforward it was I liked it.