Download Portable BatteryCare Portable BatteryCare
A simple and easy to use laptop battery monitor software
Download HWiNFO64 HWiNFO64 4.08.1800
A powerful system information tool
Download PerfView PerfView
A performance-analysis tool that helps isolate CPU and memory-related performance issues
Download ALV (Advanced Log Viewer) ALV (Advanced Log Viewer) 6.1.1
View Windows log files
Download CUDA-Z CUDA-Z 0.5.95 / 0.6.159 Beta
View various CUDA details
Download HackerJLY Process Manager HackerJLY Process Manager 3.4
An easy to use process manager application
Download TSCDOS TSCDOS 1.1
Calculates the CPU speed based on the time stamp counter
Download Unknown Device Identifier Unknown Device Identifier 8.00
Identify unknown devices with yellow question marks in your system and look for drivers for them.
Download TaskInfo TaskInfo 10.0.0
Superb Combination of NT Task Manager & System Information for all Windows
Download AMD64 CPU Assistant AMD64 CPU Assistant
AMD64 CPU Assistant is designed to monitor the temperature of a AMD64 CPU core.
Download WirelessKeyDump WirelessKeyDump 1.00
dumps the list of all wireless keys stored by Windows
Download Advanced Last Known Good Advanced Last Known Good
Program for managing configurations of NT/2000
Download System Explorer Portable System Explorer Portable
System Explorer Portable will display detailed informations about your system
Download Auslogics System Information Auslogics System Information 2.2.0
Provides comprehensive and easy to understand information about your system configuration
Download Basic Hardware Inventory Basic Hardware Inventory 5.44
Get a basic hardware inventory of any WMI enabled computer on the network
Simple Disable Key VERY USEFULL
@SwIt Printfil Very good
Vista Shortcut Manager bueno