Download See IP See IP 1.0
See IP shows your IP.
Download whois whois 2.3
Whois Tool is a client utility that communicates with WHOIS servers located around the world to obtain domain registration information. Whois supports IP address queries and automatically selects the appropriat...
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Download Bandwidth Management and Firewall Bandwidth Management and Firewall 1.1.0
Bandwidth Management and Firewall will allow to limit bandwidth for some computer or group of computers comunicating from/to internet or to limit bandwidth for some network service.
Download Get IP Get IP 1.0
Get IP is a software that helps you to know your IP address.
Download eMailMyIP eMailMyIP 2.0
Know the public IP Address of your home computer from anywhere in the world. A simple utility that monitors your public IP and when it changes, eMailMyIP sends you an email telling you what the new public IP ad...
Download IpDnsResolver IpDnsResolver 1.2
IpDnsResolver is a very simple and fast program that easily lets you find your own IP address, resolve hostnames to IP addresses and IP addresses to hostnames using the DNS.
Download Who Is Who Is
A tool to access internet whois and reverse dns information from Windows with configurable hosts and recursive queries to provide complete domain registration, dns and location information.
Download BySoft StayAlive Pro BySoft StayAlive Pro
StayAlive Pro is 32-bit program that simulates Internet activity so you don`t get disconnected from your ISP.
Download Down2Home Down2Home 1.3
Down2Home monitors your day-to-day bandwidth transfers. It logs up- and download volumes and organizes the data in nice 2D/3D charts.
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Download ClearIP Monitor ClearIP Monitor 0.3 Beta
ClearIP Monitor is a program that monitors your IP address and detects changes. Once your IP changes, it will alert you, making it useful for people with dynamic IP addresses.
Download MyIP MyIP
Finding out your own IP address has become very easy with MyIP. The integrated socket reads out and displays your IP address very quickly and makes it possible to use IP based software that require the users IP...
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