Download EXPStudio Audio Editor EXPStudio Audio Editor 4.0.9
EXPStudio Audio Editor allows you edit your audio files like editing text files, display a waveform window of an audio file and apply zooming, record new audio file from a microphone, VCR, cassette player or an...
Download Magic Audio Recorder Magic Audio Recorder 5.3.7
Magic Audio Recorder is a professional software to Record your cassettes and LP’s to CD or MP3, WMA; record anything you can hear through your PC speakers on your PC; reduce noise from your tape recordings; e...
Download Color7 Music Editor Color7 Music Editor 6.2.2
Color7 Music Editor is a visual audio editor and recorder software solution, which supports many advanced and powerful operations with audio data. You can use Color7 Music Editor to record your own music, voice...
Download Pro MP3 Recorder Pro MP3 Recorder 1.4
Pro MP3 Recorder is a useful and powerful MP3 recording tool! With this application, recording your audio directly to MP3 format is now a snap. The audio recorder program is designed to work directly with your ...
Download Free MP3 Recorder Free MP3 Recorder 1.0
Free MP3 Recorder is an application to record audio to WAV or MP3 files. You can use this convenient tool to record almost any sound.
Download Mp3 File Merger Mp3 File Merger 1.6
Mp3 File Merger is an easy to use tool which can merge MP3 files.
Download MidiEditor MidiEditor 1.01
MidiEditor is a powerful MIDI creation tool that lets you make your own MIDI ringtones. Select from a large assortment of instruments, build your new MIDI ringtone, save it and then upload it direct to your cel...
Download RingtoneEditor RingtoneEditor 1.0
RingtoneEditor lets you edit your existing MP3 ringtones to your exact liking.
Download Easy Ringtone Editor for Free Ringtones Easy Ringtone Editor for Free Ringtones 1.01
RingtoneEditor lets you edit your existing MP3 ringtones to your exact liking. You can import your newly created MP3 ringtones or select a CD track and select the exact location and length of the final ringtone...
Download Scanner Recorder Scanner Recorder 1.9
Scanner Recorder is a free audio recorder that is primarily created to record speech.
Download All Sound Recorder XP All Sound Recorder XP 2.26
All Sound Recorder XP enables you to record sound, played back through your sound card and any other sound sources like microphone , VCR, Line in, Telephone, Data CD, DVD, Audio tape player etc. The program off...
Download SplitWave SplitWave 1.02
SplitWave is a free tool that divides a single wave (.wav) file into separate tracks by automatically detecting periods of silence. SplitWave can handle large (> 1 Gig) sound files with ease, by reading the sou...
Download RockNAudio RockNAudio 2.7
RockNAudio is an easy way to find and organize your music, giving you ultimate control of your MP3 / WAV and CD music collection. With a wide range of library and play list options you will soon find that it is...
Download Encounter2000 Encounter2000 4.1
Encounter2000 is the first and only fully multithreaded sound editor in the windows world today. Load files and work on files while other filters are still running in the background.
Download Tonecache Tonecache 1.1
Utility that allows you to capture any sound that comes through your speakers and save it to a WAV file.
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