Download Qedoc Quiz Maker Qedoc Quiz Maker 2.6.4
The Qedoc Quiz Maker is a software application designed for developing interactive learning content
Download GTranslater GTranslater 1.0.0409
Translator based on Google Translate service
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Download NavTools Meteo NavTools Meteo 6.12
Easy to use small application to quickly retrieve worldwide weather charts
Download SETI@Home SETI@Home 6.4.7
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Download Genius Maker Genius Maker 3.00
Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Educational software for High school students
Download L-Nix L-Nix 1.20a
Interactive UNIX tutorial program that teaches concepts of f the UNIX OS.
Download L-Basic L-Basic 1.23
L-Basic is a Basic language tutorial program that emphasizes proper programming.
Download Learn Computers With Video Learn Computers With Video 5.0
Learn Computer Components And How To Perform Parts Installation Fast
Download Chinese Master Chinese Master 4.42
An application which will help you learn a large number of Chinese words as quickly as possible
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Download FindGraph FindGraph 2.01
Comprehensive graphing, digitizing and curve-fitting software for engineers.
Download Morse Tests Morse Tests 1
A tool that will help you create and learn Morse codes
Download BATE pH calculator BATE pH calculator
BATE calculates pH of weak/strong acid/base mixtures and their titration curves
Download Know Your World Know Your World 1.0.1
A great application which helps us learn a few things about we are living in
Download Freelang Dictionary English-Spanish Freelang Dictionary English-Spanish 3.7.2
Browse both the Spanish-English and the English-Spanish lists
Download WordLang Study Spanish Talking Picture Dictionary WordLang Study Spanish Talking Picture Dictionary 1.2
A talking dictionary designed for children who wish to learn basic Spanish.
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TRANSDAT The best software for coordinate transformations!
Secure-PDF 2.001
Phototheca 2020 Home
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