Download How a computer works How a computer works 1.10
How a Computer Works includes 27 tutorials
Download kbTrainer kbTrainer 2.1
An easy to use keyboard speed typing trainer
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Download Virtual Piano Keyboard Virtual Piano Keyboard 0.3.2
Practice your piano playing
Download Weightmania Pro Weightmania Pro 3.0.1
Track workouts, meals, measurements, dieting progress, diabetes and more.
Download SpeQ Mathematics SpeQ Mathematics 3.4
SpeQ is a small, extensive mathematics program with an intuitive interface
Download Logisim Logisim 2.3.4
Create digital logic circuits
Download IBISA IBISA 1.1
Manage collections of photos of archaeological objects
Download TriangleCalculator TriangleCalculator 1
Perform basic calculations and make a graphical representation for the triangle
Download Math Flight Math Flight 2.3
Fly High while having fun learning basic mathematics with Math Flight!
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Download Gravity3D Gravity3D 1.55
Simulate colliding galaxies
Download Sharky Neural Network Sharky Neural Network 0.9.Beta
Neural network classification results live view (like a movie). Free software.
Download Tests 2009 Tests 2009 2.04
Tests 2009 is a universal program of knowledge computer testing.
Download SmarterKid SmarterKid 1.2
SmarterKid is a useful and free learning utility for kids
Download Stella dictionary Stella dictionary 1.6
STELLA is a windows based multilingual dictionary
Download Microsoft Bing Maps 3D Microsoft Bing Maps 3D 4.0
Microsoft Bing Maps 3D brings you another step closer to knowing "what it is like out there"
SpaceEngine I really like this game
Morpho driver intstall bust no working
TRANSDAT The best software for coordinate transformations!