Download Mozilla Sunbird Mozilla Sunbird 0.8 RC1
The Sunbird Project is a redesign of the Mozilla Calendar component
Download Portable Sunbird Portable Sunbird 0.7 Final
Portable Sunbird is a fully functional package of Sunbird optimized for use on a USB key drive
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Download KronoLog KronoLog 1.050825
KronoLog is the information manager for the information age
Download Noto Personal Organizer Noto Personal Organizer 1.40
An application that is customizable with a pre-loaded selection of cover designs, icons, gadget designs, and maps
Download Phone Lister Phone Lister 4.00
Corporate contact list manager with custom reporting.
Download MyTime Assist MyTime Assist 2.4
MyTime Assist - Time Ogranizer
Download Alive Diary Alive Diary
Alive Diary is a full-featured personal diary and a powerful blog client.
Download M-Minder M-Minder 2.1
M-Minder will remind you of important (for you) events on computer startup
Download Task Reporter Task Reporter 1.1.12
Task Reporter helps you keep track of tasks and to-do items that you are working on.
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Download My Alarm Clock My Alarm Clock 1.3.5
My Alarm Clock is an useful alarm/reminder program.
Download Win PC Adress Book Win PC Adress Book 3.0
Win PC Adress Book software represents a complete Address Book, Picture Book or Daily Notes. It has a built in email sender so you can email your address or phone numbers or any thing you want.
Download EverNote Portable EverNote Portable 2.0 Beta
EverNote allows you to store multiple types of information in one database, including typed and handwritten memos, web page excerpts, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords, brainstorms, sketches, documen...
Download Thinc Time Thinc Time 3.2
Thinc-Time is a shared multi-user calendar free to use and register. You can download a fully functional version to try and use with no missing or disabled features the free version however is limited to 3 shar...
Download InfoWonder InfoWonder 1.1.3000
InfoWonder is a new kind of personal information organizer managing many different types of information: word processed notes, voice/audio "notes", web pages, pictures, and offering user-created fill-in forms t...
Download Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard 1.0
Follow your favorite teams and players during the FIFA World Cup tournament with Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard. This fun program allows you to access all the latest tournament news and information with the click ...
AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition It is very good soft
Crypto Notepad Crypto Notepad is a simple, notepad-like text editor that encrypts saved files.
ShixxNOTE Best sticky notes program if you need sending notes over you network (LAN messenger)