ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter

Troubleshoot remote connection issues
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Troubleshoot remote connection issues.
ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter review by Download.hr Team on 23.04.2015
ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is a sophisticated troubleshooting tool, that can help you to troubleshoot a remote connection to a host in your network. The troubleshooter tool also includes a built-in remote connection fixer module that may fix/enable various Windows settings required to enable a remote access for operating systems running Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8, and all Windows Servers platforms. The application allows you to scan your network connection and determine whether there are any problems. Whenever a connection error is found, the application will display detailed reports about each detected problem, along with any potential solution for repairing it. ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter supplies you with a convenient way of repairing any network problem it's found. By displaying comprehensive explanations on how each remote access fix works, you can enable just the ones which will deal with your malfunction. In this way, you don't have to perform unnecessary fixes or checks, as you can focus on a specific difficulty. The application can report detailed error messages straight from the Windows error code database, for quick problem understanding and solution lookup. These reports can be exported to a XLS spreadsheet, for easier printing and sharing.

Download and install ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter safely and without concerns.

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter highlights and features:

Query and test a remote connection - This feature enables you to query a remote host for certain remote operations including

Ping, File Access, Registry Access and Service Manager access. The program can report detailed status about each rule

and explain what's needed to fix or enable the remote connection.

Fix and enable remote access to a host - This feature is extremely powerful when you've got an problem getting a remote host in

your network and you also need to fix or enable it. The module will analyze the host by reading the file along with the registry system and

fix or enable what's needed to allow it to be remote enabled under administrator rights. The operating system settings that are been queried are as follows 'File and printer sharing' interfaces in Windows firewall, 'Network Discovery' rule in Windows firewall,

'Local account token filter policy' registry rule for workgroup security, 'Remote Registry' service state, 'Computer Browser'

service state, and finally the ' Windows Management Instrumentation' service state.

Standard Windows error codes - The program can report detailed error message straight from the Windows error code

database for easier understanding and lookup to help solve the access problem.

Detailed export alternatives from all possible activities - The program comes with a built-in full featured grid that both displays all results

and may be exported into a standard Excel file for saving or printing.

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is ideal for allowing you to discover what's wrong with your remote network connection, the fix these errors.

ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter awards
ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter awards
ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter awards
ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter 1.10.50 (01.10.2014)
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