Simple archiving of data to tape - automatically or with a schedule
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Z-DATdump is listed in Other System Tools category and made available by Andreas Baumann for Windows. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed Z-DATdump. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
Z-DATdump review by publisher Andreas Baumann:

What is Z-DATdump software from Andreas Baumann, what is it used for and how to use it?

Simple archiving of data to tape - automatically or with a schedule

The Z-DATdump application was designed to backup (time-controlled as well) any data into the first tape drive in the employed computer system. Z-DATdump was tested with the following tape drives: TRAVAN, SLR, MLR, QIC, LTO, AIT, DLT or DAT tape drives which have a SCSI, IDE or a USB connection. Z-DATdump was developed to copy data to tape easily and reliably. The complexity of the program was deliberately kept to a minimum, which makes it easy to use for an employee as well as an administrator. Z-DATdump is a cost-effective alternative when it comes to quickly and easily copy your data to tape. The tape dump software is easily installed and configurable with a well-structured user interface. Up to five dump lists can be defined, and it allows for quickly dumping a manually created dump-list to tape. With the integrated 1-click dump function, you can create desktop shortcuts for dump jobs, so you can quickly and comfortably start a tape dump without even using the software. Z-DATdump lets you choose your data 1:1, incrementally or differentially for tape copy. A Fast CRC check can optionally be enabled if the stored data should be verified after the tape dump. A big advantage of the tape software is the control via command-line parameters, which allows for integration of Z-DATdump into other applications. Z-DATdump can copy complete folders, automatically or with a schedule, for transport, copy, or archiving to streamer drives. That means fast and automatic data storage to: TRAVAN, SLR, MLR, QIC, LTO, AIT, DLT, DAT, or DDS tape drives with a SCSI, IDE, or USB port. The program features an easy to use interface and can also be controlled via command-line parameters. That allows for a time-controlled copy using the windows built-in task scheduler or Z-Cron.   Note: free only for personal use

Download and install Z-DATdump safely and without concerns.

Z-DATdump is a software product developed by Andreas Baumann and it is listed in System category under Other System Tools. Z-DATdump is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. You can run Z-DATdump on all modern Windows OS operating systems. Z-DATdump was last time updated on 31.10.2016 and it has 1,023 downloads on portal. Download and install Z-DATdump safely and without concerns.
Z-DATdump awards
Z-DATdump awards
Z-DATdump awards
Z-DATdump 6.4 Build 01 (31.10.2016)
Z-DATdump 5.7 Build 03 (07.05.2014)
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