Free weather station for Windows. Open YoWindow and you will love the weather.
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Watch the weather with pleasure!
YoWindow review by Team on 23.04.2015
YoWindow is the new generation of weather program. The magic of YoWindow is the living landscape that reflects genuine weather. With this specific program, you can immediately see what's going on outside your window or what kind of weather you'll be flying into on your next trip. This program shows information clearly and concisely, with nice animations in the background depicting the present conditions in the location you're seeing. There's also a slider which you can use to see what the weather will probably be like in the the next couple of hours, and switching between multiple locations could be achieved with just a couple of clicks. Because you may have experienced in some recent weather programs for Android which simulate the weather as a background, this program does the same: If it's sunny, you see sun on the landscape; if it's raining, rain, etc. It's also based on time of day. Besides having an extremely original interface, YoWindow is also quite educational. It shows the current weather situation (sunny, cloudy, rainy and so on) plus temperature (both actual and the one it actually feels like), wind, pressure, and humidity. All these conditions are reflected in an customizable animated background which you'll be able to replace with your own photos as well. Plus, it shows the prediction for the following number of days, while also monitoring the weather development to change both the displayed information and also the landscape accordingly. YoWindow can also play the role of a screensaver, although we've discovered a reasonable CPU use while it's being used in this aspect, with dedicated alternatives to close it when mouse motion is detected. YoWindow is an original, colorful app for assessing the weather forecast on your own computer.

Download and install YoWindow safely and without concerns.

YoWindow highlights and features:

Actual cloud coverage, rain/snow, fog, grass swings to the wind, Sun, Moon, mist, thunderstorms...

Time-scroll - see weather at any moment

Full featured weather station

Turn any image into landscape or browse our collection

Temperature near Windows clock

YoWindow Change info
Oriental landscape
YoWindow Requirements
Pentium 1 GHz (Recommended: Pentium 1.8GHz or greater) 128 MB RAM (Recommended: 256 MB RAM or greate
YoWindow Limitations
· Can add only 2 locations
· Weather forecast for 3 days only
· Manual weather update
YoWindow Languages
YoWindow user interface supports the following languages:

English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish
YoWindow awards
YoWindow awards
YoWindow awards
YoWindow 4.0.166 (19.12.2016)
YoWindow 4.0.166 (19.11.2016)
YoWindow 4.0.166 (23.07.2016)
YoWindow 4.0.166 (06.06.2016)
YoWindow 4.0.166 (15.05.2016)
YoWindow 4.0.166 (05.05.2016)
YoWindow 4.0.166 (22.04.2016)
YoWindow 4.0.166 (06.04.2016)
YoWindow 4.0.166 (23.02.2016)
YoWindow 4.0.166 (03.02.2016)
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