A useful calendar based application for managing your personal finances.
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YourMoneyGuard is an easy-to-use calendar based software for managing your personal finances.
YourMoneyGuard review by Team on 23.04.2015
The application sports a modern layout, with visually appealing menus, highlighting areas upon mouse hover, together with intuitive icons attached to buttons you use to manage your funds. A calendar is displayed on the main area of the interface. Clicking one of its own dates will open a brand new window, where you might add a brand new transaction. One of the main aspects is setting up accounts to determine wherever your money comes from and where it goes. Nearly every aspect is customizable,this improves flexibility because you only have to provide name, budget details, date info and notes in case you need to remember something. It's possible for you to set up income and expense categories and subcategories. With the help of a reminder utility you'll be able to leave time-related worries in the control of the application to alarm you when it's time to pay bills, for instance. Scheduling is likewise possible by setting up recurring transactions. With all details and categories you created, you can set when and how money flows, whether to quit after a certain number of occurrences or by the end of a certain date, together with a couple more details. All of your project elements are displayed in a calendar view in the main window. It's possible for you to edit them on the spot by simply clicking the specific day it's in. It's possible for you to change to a statistics view with several standards you'll be able to correct to view only jobs and trades of interest. In the Reports section, the software will display the total number of spent or received money, on different categories. The information is illustrated as colored charts and pies, which makes it easy to see wherever your money comes from and where it goes. Accounts and categories are predefined, but you may also create your own, on separate windows, by clicking the options on the toolbar. You may also locate options for setting up monthly expense limits and recurring transactions. You can export graphs and calendar to file, together with a couple of doc types for numerical data.

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YourMoneyGuard highlights and features:

Monthly limits chart

Calendar based application

Easy-to-use intuitive interface.

Budget - Budget management can help prevent spending over the budget.

Reminders - No more forgotten trades.

Daily balance - Up-to-date detailed personal finance information.

Expense reporting in the software - Expense, income tracking

It's possible for you to identify where the money is going and whether you're spending more than you are able to afford.

Account management - Any number of account can be used.

Event management - For meetings, notes and other special events.

YourMoneyGuard Change info
- improve calendar functions
- added transfer transactions type
- added remove duplicates function in Import dialog box
- convert recurring transaction to single transactions
- added "Copy chart to clipboard" function
- small improvements and fixes
YourMoneyGuard Requirements
Windows Vista or Windows 7, .NET Framework 4
YourMoneyGuard Languages
YourMoneyGuard user interface supports the following languages:

English, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese
YourMoneyGuard awards
YourMoneyGuard awards
YourMoneyGuard 2.12 (02.04.2018)
YourMoneyGuard 2.11 (13.11.2016)
YourMoneyGuard 2.9 (02.11.2015)
YourMoneyGuard 2.8 (14.09.2015)
YourMoneyGuard 2.7 (27.05.2015)
YourMoneyGuard 2.6 (16.03.2015)
YourMoneyGuard 2.5 (07.01.2015)
YourMoneyGuard 2.4 (01.11.2014)
YourMoneyGuard 2.3 (22.09.2014)
YourMoneyGuard 2.2 (26.08.2014)
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