Embedded SQL database alternative to Jet and MSDE for .NET
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VistaDB is listed in Database category and made available by Vista Software for Windows. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed VistaDB. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
VistaDB review by publisher Vista Software:

What is VistaDB software from Vista Software, what is it used for and how to use it?

Embedded SQL database alternative to Jet and MSDE for .NET

VistaDB is an alternative database engine to Jet/Access and MSDE that provides robust, high-speed SQL data management in a small 500KB footprint, rich data types.

Here are some key features of "VistaDB":

Database Engine:
· 100% fully managed and verifiably typesafe architecture
· Small 600KB footprint
· Royalty-free distribution
· Developed in C#
· Built-in SQL Server 2005 T-SQL compatible query processor
· Built-in ADO.NET Providers for each platform
· Built-in Direct Data Access objects (DDA)
· ASP.NET Allow Partially Trusted Callers (APTC) attribute
· ASP.NET Isolated Storage support for alternate way to manage data
· Thread safe
· ZeroClick deployment allows engine to be fully embedded into your application using ILMerge so there are zero additional files to deploy
· Allow Partially Trusted Callers Attribute (APTC)
· Custom VistaDBDataTable component
· Single and multi-user support
· Simultaneous multiple connection support
· Database level, table level and row level locking
· In-memory databases and tables
· XML import and export
· Dynamically create and modify databases
· Connection Pooling
· Transaction Processing (ACID)
· Read Committed isolation for Transaction Processing
· Side-by-side multiple version deployments can co-exist
· Schema's can be altered using shared mode access
· Diagnostics
· Write-behind data caching
· Support for |DataDirectory|

Database Features:
· Database supports up to 4TB
· Single file data store (.VDB3 database file)
· SQL Server 2005 compatible data types
· UNICODE support (NChar, NText, NVarChar)
· Secure Blowfish encryption (32-bit to 448-bit)
· Schema can be altered in Shared Mode
· Views
· CLR Procs
· Constraints
· Primary Keys and Foreign Keys
· Referential integrity
· Cascading deletes and updates
· Disk space can be reclaimed
· Granular encryption of database, tables or columns
· Password protect database
· Primary and secondary indexes
· Compression attribute for columns
· Relationships
· Dynamic default values using functions
· Identity Types
· Image data storage (i.e. BLOB)
· Extended properties (table and column descriptions etc.)
· Database allows custom file extensions
· Variable length rows

Data Management Tools:
· Data Builder Tool
· Visually creating and manage database schemas
· Run interactive SQL
· Query Plan support
· Browse, add and edit data
· Visually manage CLR Procs
· Manage Tables, Columns, Indexes, Relationships, Primary and Forein Keys
· Data Migration Wizard
· Migrating data from SQL Server, SQL CE, VistaDB 2.x and Access to VistaDB 3.0
· Supports silent mode data migration
· Automatically generates migration logs and re-usable migration scripts

Types of Applications Supported:
· ASP.NET apps
· Windows Forms (WinForms) apps
· Windows Services apps
· Windows Console apps
Languages Supported:
· C# (includes samples)
· VB.NET (includes samples)
· Other CLR-compliant languages (e.g. Delphi.NET, J# etc.)

IDE Support:
· Visual Studio 2005 with Server Explorer with non-Express Editions
· Visual Studio .NET 2003 with DataAdapter Wizards with non-Express Editions
· ASP.NET WebMatrix via code
· SharpDevelop via code
· Borland Developer Studio via code

Download and install VistaDB safely and without concerns.

VistaDB is a software product developed by Vista Software and it is listed in Programming category under Database. VistaDB is licensed as Shareware which means that software product is provided as a free download to users but it may be limited in functionality or be time-limited. You may need to pay at some moment to continue using product or to use all functionalities. You can run VistaDB on all modern Windows OS operating systems. VistaDB was last time updated on 28.11.2008 and it has 2,938 downloads on portal. Download and install VistaDB safely and without concerns.
VistaDB Requirements
· .NET Framework 2+
· Visual Studio 2005/2008
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VistaDB awards
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