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uTorrent SpeedUp Pro is definitely an add on for uTorrent, perfecting research and pace.
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uTorrent Speedup Pro is a download-accelerator add-on for uTorrent.
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro review by Download.hr Team on 20.04.2015
Taking advantage of a high-speed Internet connection when using the BitTorrent file sharing protocol is essential, so users who wish to optimize their networks for the best results can always do it with uTorrent SpeedUp Pro. Making use of the internal calculators in uTorrent it provides the most favorable settings. This little add-on aims at solving one of the very most critical problems in file sharing - slow file searches over the P2P network, by performing precise searches for additional download sources and optimizing internet bandwidth usage. It easily integrates to utorrent core platform. Through the optimization of bandwidth utilization the program provides a better download experience. The range of this uTorrent accelerator's functionality includes resuming interrupted downloads, clearing downloaded and incomplete files, prioritizing Internet connection, saving configurations from last run, auto loading on startup, minimizing into the system tray. Furthermore, the program puts out a both practical and pleasant-looking interface. You'll have the ability to see in the main window the actual status of your downloads with plenty of helpful tips.

Download and install uTorrent SpeedUp Pro safely and without concerns.

uTorrent SpeedUp Pro highlights and features:

Resumes paused downloads automatically;

Interface is fast open by a system tray icon;

Clear finished and broken files automatically;

More sources are seek and located at user-specified intervals;

Interface is beautiful and super easy to work with;

Saves settings from last run and auto loads on start-up.

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uTorrent SpeedUp Pro awards
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro awards
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro 5.1.0 (09.08.2017)
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro 5.1.0 (30.03.2017)
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro 5.0.0 (19.10.2016)
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro 4.9.0 (02.06.2016)
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro 4.8.0 (08.12.2015)
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro 4.7.0 (04.09.2015)
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro 4.5.0 (13.06.2015)
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro 4.4.0 (24.05.2015)
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro 4.3.0 (08.05.2015)
uTorrent SpeedUp Pro 4.2.0 (11.02.2015)
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