TraderStar is a Powerful professional analysis Software.
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TraderStar is listed in Finances and Business category and made available by Neonway for Windows XP/Vista/7. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed TraderStar. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
TraderStar review by publisher Neonway:

What is TraderStar software from Neonway, what is it used for and how to use it?

TraderStar is a Powerful professional analysis Software.

TraderStar is a Powerful professional analysis Software of a new Generation with significant advantages over similar programs.

TraderStar is designed for a broad range of users, from stock exchange professionals to novices in this area.

Traders can use it for high-level technical analysis:

- Regular users can use it to achieve their goal of financial stability
- Programmers can use it to write their own indicators in Java-script
- Colleges can use it in their Business and Finance curriculum
- Journalists can use it to create a more precise picture of the current events
in the world of stock exchanges
- etc.

It is no coincidence that TraderStar is so versatile. It combines the abstract analysis of the stock exchanges price dynamic (stocks, investment funds, currencies, indexes, futures, options, etc.) and the beauty of modern design. It is the beauty that keeps the chaos of stock exchange activities in check.

TraderStar users can do the following:

- receive the stock, investment fund, currency, index, futures and option from
any stock exchange
- familiarize themselves with the economic calendar
- test and optimize their own strategies based on historical data
- write their own user indicators based on Java-script
- receive current information and updates from Web-Info, RunningBoard, etc. without leaving the program

The main advantage of TraderStar
is its ability to extend its functionality. Something that is not available right now, will be available later. It is programmed to have an enormous growth potential, which is going to come in handy for every trader user who wants to achieve financial stability and avoid bancruptcy.

Download and install TraderStar safely and without concerns.

TraderStar is a software product developed by Neonway and it is listed in category under Finances and Business. TraderStar is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. You can run TraderStar on Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems. TraderStar was last time updated on 04.05.2013 and it has 3,364 downloads on portal. Download and install TraderStar safely and without concerns.
TraderStar Change info
The January 28, 2011 update:
Increased the speed of the JavaScript user indicators evaluation
Improved the performance for getting the data from web
Added the new functional buttons "Community", "Tell a Friend" and "More Indicators"
Extended the WebInfo with "CNBC" web-content
Added the waiting animation
Added the Splash screen, which stays visible until the TraderStar main window is appear
Using of the new dialogs style
Increased the range period of input field to 350 for the MA and Median filters
Removed the obsolete GUI elements
Fixed the crash in the VolumeBreakOut-Filter
Fixed automatic update in the Monitor
Fixed the crash in the Simulator, occurred if Next or GoLong button was pressed immediately on changing to the Simulator mode
The week, month, quartile and year timeframes shows now the last trade date
Fixed the graphical garbage on the left corner of chart window,
TraderStar Requirements
Minimum Requirements
TraderStar Languages
TraderStar user interface supports the following languages:

English, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish
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TraderStar awards
TraderStar awards
TraderStar (04.05.2013)
TraderStar 1.1 (24.11.2011)
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