Harden the Windows firewall
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Windows Vista/7/8/10
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20.03.2020 | NEW
Security / Firewall

TinyWall is listed in Firewall category and made available by Karoly Pados for Windows Vista/7/8/10. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed TinyWall. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
TinyWall review by publisher Karoly Pados:

What is TinyWall software from Karoly Pados, what is it used for and how to use it?

Harden the Windows firewall

TinyWall is an add-on to the advanced firewall that comes built-in with Windows. It is designed to harden the firewall protection and provide you with easy to use configuration options that do not require constant pop-ups or complicated rule settings. TinyWall comes with built-in rules that, by default, will block most incoming or outgoing connections. You can use the Whitelist features to manually allow applications, or you can use the learning mode, which will temporarily allow all traffic and automatically add the exclusions for you. TinyWall also comes with an option to unblock all LAN traffic, which will restrict incoming and outgoing Internet traffic according to your settings but allow all local network traffic. This feature can be very handy if you have a lot of applications that communicate across your home or office network.Other features include an option to password protect the settings, firewall tampering protection, block-all mode, integrated malware block list, temporary exclusions, IPv6 support, and more.Keep in mind that TinyWall is not a standalone firewall! It acts as a front-end to the built-in Windows firewall and makes it more effective and easier to control. There are no additional drivers or protection layers to install and everything tightly integrates with your Windows system.

TinyWall includes a combination of features that sets it apart from both commercial and freeware firewalls.

TinyWall does not annoy you with popups at all, yet it is still extremely easy to add exceptions to your firewall rules.
TinyWall actively blocks hundreds of trojans, viruses and worms.
TinyWall does not require you to know about ports, protocols and application details.
TinyWall prevents malicious programs from modifying the settings of Windows Firewall.
TinyWall does not install drivers or other kernel components, is free and lightweight.
Feature overview
Multiple and easy ways to whitelist programs
Automatic learning mode
Firewall tampering protection
Password lockdown of settings
Quick modes, like Normal protection, Allow outgoing, Block all, Allow all and Learning mode
Support for temporary/timed firewall rules
Port and domain blocklists
Hosts file protection
Option to always allow communication within LAN
Option to restrict an application to the LAN
Recognition of safe software and impostors
Full IPv6 support
List established and blocked connections
View open ports on your machine

Download and install TinyWall safely and without concerns.

TinyWall is a software product developed by Karoly Pados and it is listed in Security category under Firewall. TinyWall is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. You can run TinyWall on Windows Vista/7/8/10 operating systems. TinyWall was last time updated on 20.03.2020 and it has 319 downloads on Download.hr portal. Download and install TinyWall safely and without concerns.
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TinyWall awards
TinyWall (20.03.2020)
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