TagTuner is multi-purpose music collection arrangement software
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What is TagTuner software from, what is it used for and how to use it?

TagTuner is multi-purpose music collection arrangement software

TagTuner is multi-purpose music collection organizing software. Whether you like to perform the tagging manually, or use the speed of the online search to automatically insert tags, or just extract the tags from file names, TagTuner provides you with helpful tools to quickly tag your music files so you can spend more time listening to and enjoying your music collection.

TagTuner's highly automated features let you quickly find album tags and cover graphics from TagTuner's online search server, or extract the tags from file names or use the tags to create the correct file name. TagTuner automation allows putting multiple tagging commands into Macros and executing them in batches with one keystroke.

TagTuner also provides full-featured tag editing that includes synchronizing, swapping, copying and pasting, clearing, and many other functions. You can freely improvise with TagTuner to reach the desired goal. TagTuner keeps the history of last changes and allows you to rollback any tag editing and files renaming operations.

TagTuner is easy to use for the casual user with a small library and provides the necessary tools for maintaining a very large music collection. The default settings let you be productive as soon as TagTuner is installed. The tagging commands are intuitive and easy to use and the help files information is easy to understand.

TagTuner is software that lets you listen to your media files and helps to keep your music collection in perfect order. Here you will learn about some of the things you can do with TagTuner.

Online album information and cover search. TagTuner maintains its own search server and returns all of the search results at once.

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Quick files renaming. TagTuner lets you use media file tags like Album Title, Artist Name, Song Name, Track Number etc. to build meaningful file names for your music collection. You can create your favorite renaming templates and apply them to selected files, as well as use the default template just by pressing the shortcut key. You can also easily change the case or capitalize the first letter of each word of your file names or tags.

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The tags extraction. TagTuner enables you to get the information from your file and folder names and automatically tag the audio files without the necessity of manually typing each tag.

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Full-featured tag editing environment. The built-in Tag Editor lets you edit one or more tags at once, add comments, load lyrics and artwork, one by one, for entire album and for thousands of selected files, or clear all tags at once. You also can synchronize ID3v1 and ID3v2, copy and paste, and swap tags for hundreds of files.

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Simplification of complex operations. The Macros allow you to organize multiple elementary commands into a single list and execute them through shortcut keys. You can apply a Macro to any number of selected files each time you need to repeat the same set of actions.

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Misspelled and mistaken operations roll-back. TagTuner is the first tag editor software that implements the Undo feature for any tag editing and files renaming actions.

Build-in media player. Tag Tuner contains a player that lets you play all of the supported media formats as well as to set the global shortcut keys for your most favorite playlists.

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Play lists creation. TagTuner enables you to organize your music into lists of songs known as "playlists". You can use HotTunes to create playlists to suit a specific mood and switch between them with lightning speed by stroking the shortcut keys. You are free to organize songs by a particular artist, album or mood and so forth.

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Windows Explorer context menu extension. In order to reach TagTuner faster you can add it to the Windows Explorer context menu.

Full Unicode support. TagTuner uses a worldwide standard character encoding, named Unicode, to enter and display tags and file names. No matter what language you use it will always appear properly in TagTuner

Download and install TagTuner safely and without concerns.

TagTuner is a software product developed by and it is listed in Audio category under Tag Editors. TagTuner is licensed as Shareware which means that software product is provided as a free download to users but it may be limited in functionality or be time-limited. You may need to pay at some moment to continue using product or to use all functionalities. You can run TagTuner on all modern Windows OS operating systems. TagTuner was last time updated on 19.07.2011 and it has 5,268 downloads on portal. Download and install TagTuner safely and without concerns.
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