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Organize subscription to email mailing lists on Internet websites
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Subscribe Emails is listed in E-Mail Utilities category and made available by IM-Soft for Windows. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed Subscribe Emails. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
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What is Subscribe Emails software from IM-Soft, what is it used for and how to use it?

Organize subscription to email mailing lists on Internet websites

Subscribe Emails helps you organize subscription to email mailing lists on Internet websites. It lets you check POP3 email mailboxes for subscribe or unsubscribe email requests, download email messages with the requests to your computer, get email addresses and sender names from them and create text files with subscribers wanting to subscribe or unsubscribe. Having got text files with emails, you can use them with any bulk mailer to add new subscribers and delete existing subscribers. The program is optimized for working with Bulk E-Mailer mass mailer, and although Bulk E-Mailer has a built-in file and email subscribe and unsubscribe feature, Subscribe Emails gives you more freedom and makes your job more effective. Subscribe Emails can be configured easily, all you need to do to get started, is to set up a couple of POP3 email accounts for subscribe and unsubscribe email requests, and specify two phrases like SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE used for detecting requests of different types in the incoming mail.

Download and install Subscribe Emails safely and without concerns.

Subscribe Emails is a software product developed by IM-Soft and it is listed in E-Mail category under E-Mail Utilities. Subscribe Emails is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. You can run Subscribe Emails on all modern Windows OS operating systems. Subscribe Emails was last time updated on 04.05.2015 and it has 4,972 downloads on portal. Download and install Subscribe Emails safely and without concerns.
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Subscribe Emails awards
Subscribe Emails 2.5997 (04.05.2015)
Subscribe Emails 2.5996 (07.02.2015)
Subscribe Emails 2.5995 (03.12.2013)
Subscribe Emails 2.5994 (31.01.2013)
Subscribe Emails 2.5993 (18.09.2012)
Subscribe Emails 2.599 (03.11.2011)
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