SoftPerfect RAM Disk

High-performance RAM disk software lets you have a disk stored in memory.
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Windows XP/Vista/7
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Tweak / Memory Tweak

SoftPerfect RAM Disk is listed in Memory Tweak category and made available by SoftPerfect Research for Windows XP/Vista/7. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed SoftPerfect RAM Disk. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
SoftPerfect RAM Disk review by publisher SoftPerfect Research:

What is SoftPerfect RAM Disk software from SoftPerfect Research, what is it used for and how to use it?

High-performance RAM disk software lets you have a disk stored in memory.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk is a free high-performance RAM disk application that lets you have a disk on your computer entirely stored in its memory. As the memory is much faster than physical hard disks, it makes sense to store temporary data on a fast in-memory disk to achieve a higher performance. Whatever your job is, read on to find out what a RAM disk can offer you.

The program creates a virtual disk residing in the computer RAM accessible in Windows Explorer and other applications, allowing you to store any temporary information on this disk. Furthermore, Windows can be configured to use the disk for temporary files, so the system and most applications will use the fast in-memory disk for temporary data. As Windows and third-party applications often create a large number of temporary files for a short time only, using a RAM disk will extend your hard disk’s life by sparing it from excessive reading and writing.

Modern computers are equipped with at least 1 GB of RAM, however most of the time there is a lot of unused memory that could be used as a high-performance alternative to the slower hard disk storage. This product lets you create any number of virtual RAM disks limited only by the memory available. You can also work with on-disk images and RAM disks associated with an on-disk file, that ensures your data is preserved between sessions.

Five very good reasons to use the RAM Disk:

Higher PC performance. Provided you have got a sufficient amount of RAM, using a fast in-memory disk for temporary data will boost the computer performance.
Reduced file system fragmentation. The file system on your hard disks will be far less fragmented as temporary files are never written to the hard disk.
Reduced wear-and-tear of the physical disk. As temporarily files are not written to the hard disk, there will be fewer read/write cycles, which is especially important for prolonging the life of Solid State Drives (SSD) installed in some laptops.
Less junk on the hard disk. Often software applications create temporary files that remain undeleted although no longer needed. The contents of RAM disks is cleared every time the computer is restarted or switched off.
Less noise and heat from the hard disk because the system will use the hard disk less intensively.

Download and install SoftPerfect RAM Disk safely and without concerns.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk is a software product developed by SoftPerfect Research and it is listed in Tweak category under Memory Tweak. SoftPerfect RAM Disk is licensed as Shareware which means that software product is provided as a free download to users but it may be limited in functionality or be time-limited. You may need to pay at some moment to continue using product or to use all functionalities. You can run SoftPerfect RAM Disk on Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems. SoftPerfect RAM Disk was last time updated on 27.04.2020 and it has 7,567 downloads on portal. Download and install SoftPerfect RAM Disk safely and without concerns.
SoftPerfect RAM Disk Requirements
A sufficient amount of RAM, depending on the created disks.
SoftPerfect RAM Disk Languages
SoftPerfect RAM Disk user interface supports the following languages:

English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak,
SoftPerfect RAM Disk awards
SoftPerfect RAM Disk awards
SoftPerfect RAM Disk awards
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.1 (27.04.2020)
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.9 (14.05.2019)
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.8 (04.10.2018)
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.7 (25.05.2018)
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.6 (16.04.2018)
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.5 (23.03.2018)
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.4 (12.10.2017)
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.0.3 (24.08.2017)
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 3.4.6 (05.09.2014)
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 3.4.5 (04.02.2014)
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