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Manage your Amazon account
S3 Browser review by Team on 10.12.2014
S3 Browser is a software application that enables you to share and publish files on your own Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront account. Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any given moment, from anywhere on the internet. Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN). It can be used to deliver your files using a worldwide network of edge locations. S3 Browser makes transferring considerable amounts of data to the S3 site simpler. It is also possible to use this software as a BitTorrent client to download files from remote locations. S3 Browser works much like an FTP client. Once you add your account to S3 Browser's interface, you can select which files you would like to upload to Amazon, load them into the program, and monitor the uploading progress. Files managed with this service are organized into "Buckets." With S3 Browser, you can make new Buckets and arrange existing ones. The interface of the program can support multiple Amazon S3 accounts, meaning that you are able to copy and transfer files to Amazon, but also between your accounts or buckets. The fact that S3 Browser can process a huge amount of files, even if they happen to be extremely big, is a truly nice feature that may make your life a million times simpler, seeing that you will not have to waste your time always attempting to compress files that you need to upload. If you are looking for a way to save important files off site, this is might be your solution.

Download and install S3 Browser safely and without concerns.

S3 Browser highlights and features:

Support for Multiple Amazon S3 Accounts.

Processing really large amounts of files (millions) efficiently!

HTTP Headers (metadata) editor.

Support for mass ACLs assignment (edit ACLs in batch mode).

Web URLs Generator.

Bandwidth throttling and proxy support.

Support for copy/move between amazon s3 accounts and buckets.

Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer Support

Rapidly working Http Engine that is multithreaded.

Manage your Amazon CloudFront Distributions.

Special algorithms are used to reduce the number of requests and save you cash!

S3 Browser Change info
1. Added support for temporary credentials via STS AssumeRole 2. Added support for the INTELLIGENT_TIERING storage class 3. Added support for instant transition to the GLACIER storage class 4. Added support the new EU (Stockholm) region 5. Improved the Accounts dialog (accounts import[..] And more!
S3 Browser Requirements
Microsoft .NET 2.0
S3 Browser Languages
S3 Browser user interface supports the following languages:

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S3 Browser awards
S3 Browser awards
S3 Browser 8.1.5 (18.12.2018)
S3 Browser 8.1.3 (14.12.2018)
S3 Browser 8.1.1 (13.12.2018)
S3 Browser 7.7.7 (09.10.2018)
S3 Browser 7.6.9 (28.03.2018)
S3 Browser 7.4.5 (26.12.2017)
S3 Browser 7.1.5 (05.10.2017)
S3 Browser 7.1.1 (18.09.2017)
S3 Browser 6.5.9 (24.01.2017)
S3 Browser 6.4.1 (15.12.2016)
Adobe Flash Excellent
Adobe Flash Player i want to download it
TCPDF its very easy to use