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Registry cleaning and optimization
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Registry cleaning and optimization.
Registry Life review by Team on 28.04.2015
The system registry is among the most important components of the operating system. The stability of the system's functioning depends upon it being in working order, as well as the speed of the applications you work with depends upon the volume of info contained in it. Registry Life helps correct errors in the registry and optimizes it, increasing the system stability. It's a compact, easy to utilize, and FREE solution for servicing your system registry. Registry Life's interface sports two primary items, Registry Logical Structure and Registry Physical Structure, along with a menu of basic controls and settings in the left-hand panel. Pop-up dialogs manage operations and display scan results; most offer an Advanced User alternative that lists results in detail. In the "Settings" menu you'll be able to choose the registry parts that you simply are interested in getting the program to check, between startup items, file type associations, shared libraries, new file and IE context menu. But Registry Life can also explore program info, the MUI cache, registered applications, user-extensive program settings and control parameters sets. Settings could be restored to their initial values. Furthermore, you can enable the tool to dismiss CD-ROM, removable disk, remote and RAM disk references, in addition to references to non-existent drives. Moreover, you can create an ignore list, enable the options to automatically create backups before making any changes to the registry and to check for updates online (optionally configure proxy settings), in addition to toggle between two interface languages (English and Russian). During the scanning process, you can have a look at the complete number of issues in every single section of the registry. When it finishes, you can even view a comprehensive report of invalid entries (optionally export the list to a text document). Registry optimization can be easily done within a couple of clicks (the system has to reboot afterward).

Download and install Registry Life safely and without concerns.
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Registry Life awards
Registry Life awards
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