A media player which combines Podcasts,Streaming and an intuitive music search in a user
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13.03.2008 | Updated
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PPlayer is listed in Audio Players category and made available by Pascal257 for Windows XP/Vista. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed PPlayer. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
PPlayer review by publisher Pascal257:

What is PPlayer software from Pascal257, what is it used for and how to use it?

A media player which combines Podcasts,Streaming and an intuitive music search in a user

PPlayer is a media player offering many amazing features. It combines Podcasts,Streaming and an intuitive music search in a user designed interface. Just started its able to play nonstop music without any input from the user. It analyses the current song and searches in the database for a song matching the parameters of the user. This search is highly optimizeable for the user from its own interface also holding a manual search input.

Here are some features:
Autosearch: PPlayer is able to search songs automatically. Everytime a song is loaded it will (when activated) search for a song matching the parameters. You can choose that it looks for the same Artist/Album/Genre or for a similar band (information by
Podcast: PPlayer is able to subcribe a podcast and download/play podcasts. The notify-funcion notifies the user on a change of the podcast (like a new one).
Stream: It's possible to listen to streams with PPlayer. You may copy the address of the stream and enter it onto the Stream-GUI of PPlayer. Pressing play will connect to the stream and play it.
Database: For the search-functions PPlayer uses a SQL (sqlite) Database. It holds any information about songs on the harddisk. Its recommended to let the database search for songs on the harddisk for PPlayer to work correctly.
Playlist: The playlist of PPlayer holds the songs to play. You can organize them with the buttons below. Doubleclicking an item will play it, but you can also click an item and press 'Play'. Selecting an item and clicking 'Rate' can change the rating of a song.
Statistic: One of the new released features is PPlayer - Statistic. Its a special database logging the songs the user hears. Then you can open the statistic and take a look what you heared. You can sort them by 'Artist/Genre/Album/Track' and by time 'Lifetime/Month/Week/Day'.
SongView: PPlayer - SongView uses the Statistic and publishes it. You can put a profile onto your forum-signature or your blog that shows your currently heard song and your 'Top Artist/Album/Track'.
Skins (XSkin): PPlayer comes with 20 skins available in the settings.
Lyrics: GUI showing the lyrics of a choosen (typically the current) song.
AutoSelect: Autoselect is a combination of the search and autosearch.
AutoUpdate: PPlayer runs an updater on every start. It queries a homepage and asks for filetimes. If a filetype on the pc is older than one on the net it will update the file.
Search: You can enter some keywords onto the searchinput and PPlayer will list matching songs. (like google ^^) (Syntax: “Keyword1 Keyword2” or “Keyword1 -Keyword2” excluding Keyword2)
URL Protocol: You can also link shows via pplayer://
Settings: Of course, PPlayer has settings where you can choose anything. If you want to have an item added to the settings, please contact me. The settings also hold information about the songview (URL's,Nickname)
CmdLine/Explorer: You can add songs to PPlayer via Windows Explorer doubleclicking a songfile supported by PPlayer (normally mp3/wma/ogg/wav etc).
Traymode: If you minimize PPlayer it goes into Traymode. You can still control PPlayer using the Trayicon.
Animation: PPlayer uses XSkin to animate the startup of PPlayer.
Transparation: You can change the transparation of PPlayer in the settings. (It makes the GUI lookthrough )
MSN: PPlayer automatically changes your statustext in MSN when you hear a song. The default text is '%t - %a - %i (PPlayer)'. %* will be replaced with: %t: Title, %i: Interpreter, %a: Album and %g: Genre.

Download and install PPlayer safely and without concerns.

PPlayer is a software product developed by Pascal257 and it is listed in Audio category under Audio Players. PPlayer is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. You can run PPlayer on Windows XP/Vista operating systems. PPlayer was last time updated on 13.03.2008 and it has 3,903 downloads on portal. Download and install PPlayer safely and without concerns.
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