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An efficient portable tool that can assist you in editing your application source codes, supporting all the popular coding languages, such as HTML and JAVA
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An efficient portable tool that can assist you in editing your application source codes, supporting all the popular coding languages, such as HTML and JAVA.
Portable SynWrite review by Download.hr Team on 28.04.2015
SynWrite is a free source code editor. The idea behind SynWrite is the combination of fantastic thoughts of well known editors into just one, freely available product. This is a complete environment for net workers, coders and writers and offers extensive support for its users. One purpose of SynWrite is simple extension. Therefore, it supports plugins written in Python language. Beside this, you find basic available tools like macro recorder, code highlighting, code folding, regular expressions, which can be used standalone or combined for quick and reliable editing. Based on the powerful EControl Syntax Editor SDK, SynWrite adds an extensive group of characteristics and is a program for virtually every editing task. You can simply configure SynWrite to your requirements and if necessary, you may take your edit tool on an USB stick like a Swiss army knife for writing code. See comprehensive feature list below for a fast overview of its own abilities or give it a try. It's free! Because SynWrite is open source, any support of the project is welcome.

Download and install Portable SynWrite safely and without concerns.

Portable SynWrite highlights and features:

Syntax highlighting for lots of languages (see list)

Completely customizable highlightings

Code folding

Support for virtually all encodings

Multiple carets (see animation)

Multiple selections (see animation)

Tree structure view for source code

File explorer

Project management

FTP/SFTP client

Document mini-map

Clipboard history

External tools output signal

Search results

Text clips

Auto-completion (for few lexers, see help topic)

Auto-closing of tags/brackets

Code templates

SmartTagTabbing feature (see animation)

SyncEditing feature to edit identical identifiers (see animation)

Emmet (Zen Coding) support (HTML, CSS, XSL high speed programming engine)

Color preview

Color picker

Images preview

Inserting of image tag

Inserting of date/time stamp

Portable bookmarks

Column marker


Search, replace with regular expressions

Search, replace in multiple files

External tools support (capture of console output, navigation to error lines)

Support for Python-based plugins

Support for binary plugins (e.g. Explorer panel and FTP client are plugins)

Regex-based strings extraction feature

Customizable hotkeys


Computer Keyboard macros

Spell checker

File sessions

Plugin for file manager "Total Commander"

Multilingual interface: German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc

Integrated HTML Tidy library

Export to RTF/HTML with syntax highlighting

Portable mode

Portable SynWrite awards
Portable SynWrite awards
Portable SynWrite awards
Portable SynWrite 6.4.780 (24.03.2014)
CudaText Superb open-source code editor with a plethora of powerful features
Qbasic IT GOOD
libdxfrw very very good