View passwords stored in Firefox Web browser.
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View passwords stored in Firefox Web browser.
PasswordFox review by Team on 16.04.2015
PasswordFox is a small password recovery program which allows you to look at the user names and passwords stored by Mozilla Firefox Web browser. The program doesn't have to be installed and runs as a portable application. Your Windows registry keys remain unchanged and you may also place PasswordFox on an external device and run it on any computer. Once you initiate the program, it will automatically display stored passwords in Mozilla Firefox. It's possible for you to ย the record index, site, user name, password, user name field, password field, sign-on file, HTTP domain, password strength and Firefox version. It's possible for you to save the list of Firefox passwords into a standard, tab-delimited, comma-delimited or tabular TXT file, or export it to the HTML, XML or KeePass CSV file. The program uses an extremely low amount of system resources, comes with a nicely-drawn 'ReadMe' file and didn't freeze or crash during our evaluations. However, the functions offered by PasswordFox may also be found in Firefox (and you don't need to install addons). PasswordFox, a specific program for a certain job. It does what it's designed to do easily and quickly, but it doesnt have any extras. No configuration options, skins or additional attributes means that PasswordFox is low on the flexibility front, but in the event you should find out those passwords hidden in Firefox, this tool will assist you. PasswordFox will reveal passwords stored in Firefox super fast.

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PasswordFox awards
PasswordFox awards
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PasswordFox 1.37 (07.12.2013)
PasswordFox 1.36 (26.06.2013)
PasswordFox 1.35 (28.01.2013)
PasswordFox 1.32 (26.07.2012)
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