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Oxygen XML Diff is a cross platform diff and merge solution.
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oXygen XML Diff is listed in XML category and made available by Syncro Soft for Windows. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed oXygen XML Diff. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
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What is oXygen XML Diff software from Syncro Soft, what is it used for and how to use it?

Oxygen XML Diff is a cross platform diff and merge solution.

Oxygen XML Diff is a complete solution for comparing and merging XML files. It offers both directory and file comparison, six different diff algorithms and multiple levels of comparison. The comparison is also performed inside ZIP-based archives (ZIP, JAR, ODF, OOXML). The diff solution includes two XML diff algorithms (XML Accurate - tuned for precise compare and XML Fast - tuned for speed at the expense of some accuracy), one Syntax Aware algorithm that gives very good results on all file types known by oXygen XML Diff and three algorithms that rely on the file structure: line based, word based and character based. The XML diff algorithms are designed to help with the necessities that come with XML document comparison. This means that you can specify if namespaces, prefixes, namespace declarations, processing instructions, comments, CDATA, DOCTYPE, the order of attributes or even text elements should be ignored or not. When performing a diff between directories/archives the files can be compared by several methods: by timestamp (only the file date and size are compared, fastest method, this is useful when the directories contain a lot of different files), by content (the file content is compared using the default diff algorithm and depending on the selected algorithm the appropriate options will be considered, like ignoring the whitespaces, ignoring the namespace prefixes in case of XML, etc.), binary comparison (the file content is compared byte with byte, this is faster than the content method but should be used mostly when any difference is of importance).

Download and install oXygen XML Diff safely and without concerns.

oXygen XML Diff is a software product developed by Syncro Soft and it is listed in Web Development category under XML. oXygen XML Diff is licensed as Shareware which means that software product is provided as a free download to users but it may be limited in functionality or be time-limited. You may need to pay at some moment to continue using product or to use all functionalities. You can run oXygen XML Diff on all modern Windows OS operating systems. oXygen XML Diff was last time updated on 26.08.2011 and it has 4,317 downloads on Download.hr portal. Download and install oXygen XML Diff safely and without concerns.
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