Extract forensic information from computers, simpler and quicker than ever
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Extract forensic data from computers, quicker and easier than ever.
OSForensics review by Team on 16.04.2015
OSForensics is a complete toolkit that makes it possible to find out lots of information regarding the usage of a computer along with the files stored in it. The interface in OSForensics is neatly organized; it includes a menu bar on the left side which gives you access to the various tools contained in the application, organized by categories. It's possible for you to search the computer for specific files, recover deleted files, track recent activity or create a report with technical info about the computer. In case you're dealing with encrypted files, the utility can verify and match files using the popular SHA-256 or MD5 hashes, to be able to check if their signatures match. Furthermore, just about any area of the hard disk along with the operating system are accessible, including the registry, volume shadow copies and even the cache. Since investigations have a tendency to accumulate decent amounts of information, it can get pretty hard to follow and sort through it, especially if you're dealing with more than one case in the exact same time. In such situations, you can take advantage of the application's report generator function, which enables you to synthesize the data into more accessible chunks, in addition to view the complete progress for each one. The utility also delivers a few slightly more advanced features, which could be utilized to regain specific types of data, for example RAID arrays or SQL database files. In addition, you can identify the running frequency of various other programs installed on the target computer, along with view the information recorded by the operating system's prefetcher. OSForensics is quite fast when searching for information, though some tools appear to be somewhat unstable. Its also super easy to use, which is great since the program doesnt include any documentation. In case you ever have to examine a computer in depth, OSForensics might be the tool youre looking for.

Download and install OSForensics safely and without concerns.
OSForensics awards
OSForensics awards
OSForensics 7.1.1000 (30.11.2019)
OSForensics 2.2.1000 (15.09.2013)
OSForensics 1.1 Build 1002 (13.06.2012)
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