DNS filtering software blocking malicous websites and monitoring Internet usage
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DNS filtering software blocking malicous websites and monitoring Internet usage
NxFilter review by Download.hr Team on 10.12.2014
NxFilter is a DNS filtering software. You can filter and monitor Internet activity in your network with NxFilter. It is also capable of discovering and blocking botnet and malware based on DNS packet inspection. By accessing the Network and Sharing Center panel, you have the chance to choose which TCP / IP protocol will be configured in order to use a specific DNS server address. Since the program is in fact a forwarding DNS server, you can use the exact method of setting up a DNS server for user systems. In addition, it lets you use the command prompt utility because updating the required folders can be done simply using command shortcuts. Then, by downloading the additional libraries (specified on the site) and configuring the installed services, you have the chance to use your created DNS server. A DNS server, which is also known as Domain Name System, easily translates domain names to the numerical IP addresses so you can find computer services. So, by using NxFilter one can simply block not only the Internet connection to specific domain names or websites, but also detect and prevent malware attacks. NxFilter is capable of discovering botnet and malware based on DNS packet inspection. It is possible because NxFilter is working on DNS level. After configuring all the settings, you can start the program and see all the accessed webpages. The main window shows comprehensive info about each blocked website and the user who tried to access that specific webpage. What's more, you can add as many users as you would like by associating them to several IP addresses. This way, if a user will access a blocked websites, you will get immediately notified. However, if you are not satisfied considering the limitation rules, NxFilter keeps DNS query or blocks history for a certain amount of days defined in the proper panel. AD integration and single sign-on while it is a freeware. Also capable of blocking HTTPS as it is working on DNS level. Providing a remote filtering client and dynamic IP updater. By employing a light weight protocol it can handle several thousands users easily. NxFilter works nicely and offers flexible filtering options , however you should have some basic network knowledge to properly install and configure all options.

Download and install NxFilter safely and without concerns.

NxFilter highlights and features:

Local DNS cache to accelerate Internet speed

Load balancing and fail safe with clustering

Active Directory integration

User or Group based policy assignment

Remote user filtering

Quota time

Phishing protection

Malware and botnet detection

Expiration date for a user

Dual policy for free time and work time

3 kinds of user authentication

IP based authentication

Password based authentication

Active Directory authentication

Blocking by domain category

More than 1.7 million domain names categorized into 73 categories

Limitless custom categories

Embedded webserver and embedded DB, built in GUI

Everything in one box

Simple install, easy setup, easy maintenance

Runs everywhere including Windows, Linux

Dashboard and reporting

IP based ACL

Whitelist and Blacklist based on domain name matching and keyword searching

DNS query history search with various conditions

Logging only not blocking option

You can monitor user activity without blocking

Internationalized domain name support

Block reason view in block page

Email alert

Syslog exportation

NxFilter awards
NxFilter awards
NxFilter awards
NxFilter 1.4.9 (29.07.2013)
UnHackMe very easy to use .
K7AntiVirus Premium its fine
Dr.Web Katana ahmed