NoScript allows JavaScript and Java execution only for trusted domains of your choice
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Execute JavaScript and Java only on trusted domains
NoScript review by Team on 22.11.2014
NoScript is a security add on for Firefox that intends to prevent auto-executing plugins that could place you in danger of malicious scripts, clickjacking and attacks. It blocks scripts from running automatically on most websites. This increases security significantly, as most attacks run on websites need scripts to be effective. Additionally, it will enhance page loading times on average, as less contents have to be loaded when NoScript is enabled. You are not disturbed by warning messages since the extension works in the background and stops the scripts that could be dangerous for your computer, but you can configure the extension to show a brief report with the blocked scripts in the add on toolbar. If you would like to be notified when a script is blocked, then you can enable the sound feed back. It is possible to select the websites that you do not want to be affected by limitations by adding them to a whitelist. It is quite a easy to import a list of domain names from a text file and you can also export the list if you want to back up the information. All privileges can be revoked if you want to be notified about all blocked items. The types of scripts can be enabled or blocked from the "Options" window. If you are on a webpage and there are a few significant functions disabled by the extension, then it is possible to unblock the script temporarily with just a couple of clicks. The culprits that NoScript prevents are JavaScript, Java and Flash and other plugins. If you know a website to be safe, you can permit the scripts, either temporarily or globally. You can also enable only a few of the scripts that are in place, or you can allow everything on a specified page, instead of an entire website. NoScript - Remaining safe online could not be easier.

Download and install NoScript safely and without concerns.

NoScript highlights and features:

-delivers usable security

-Website matching

-Beyond JavaScript: blocking Java, Silverlight, Flash and other embedded content

-Untrusted blacklist

-Anti-XSS protection


-Supported Languages

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NoScript awards
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