Easy access to corrections and manipulation of timestamp for any file and folder
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Easy access to corrections and manipulation of timestamp for any file and folder.
NewFileTime review by Team on 16.04.2015
NewFileTime is a small portable but powerful tool which provides you easy access to correct or manipulate any of the timestamps for any file and folder on your own Windows system. Several files and/or folders could be modified at precisely the same time. You can add files simply via Drag and Drop or by import from a folder. Whatever the case, it opens in different methods to bring you instantly to the job available. It's possible for you to make files proportionally younger or older, or you also can place a certain date/time. With this specific utility everyone can possess the ability to make fast corrections to the creation, last access and modification dates/times of the files or folders on their PC. NewFileTime doesn't have to be installed and could be executed easily from the desktop computer. Portable use is also possible. Start the application. The very first time that you simply use it the application it is going to present you with a license screen. The application is free as well as the license info is only shown the very first time (per PC). Once the application is open drag a file onto the NewFileTime window. In case you would like the dates/times to be anything aside from the current date and time one way that you could accomplish this is to click on the "#" drop-down. Two additional submenus appear: time and date. Those might be used in combination to define the brand new date/time in one hour increments from your current date/time. That approach will give a maximum change of about one week. At any point you'll be able to revert to the current date/time by simply clicking on "#" and then "Current." You may also enter the exact date/time that you want. You may select or choose any one of the three timestamps (modified, created, accessed) via tick boxes to the right of the attribute. Once you have the dates/times defined accurately just click on the "Set-Time" button in the middle-left part of the screen. Files and folders are cleared from the application by pressing the "reset" button. After that you might drag other files/etc. into the program window. To set the dates/times of entire directories or directory trees click on the "Import" button and place the aspects there in the manner that's appropriate to your needs. Those aspects are: Include Subfolder Add Files Add Folders With this you are able to define if files, folders or both will have their dates/times modified. This also specifies if only files and folders in the indicated directory should be modified or if those items in the complete directory tree will probably be modified. Once those characteristics are set click the "Import" button and select "Import" from the drop-down. This initiates the selection of the directory or directory tree to be modified. Once everything is as you wish it to be click the "Set-Time" button in the middle-left part of the screen. When using the import function check the results afterwards to ensure you've gotten what you needed. These are only simple examples. Play around with NewFileTime and you'll immediately understand the best way to utilize it and also discover more advanced methods to use it. The user interface could be set for either English or German.

Download and install NewFileTime safely and without concerns.

NewFileTime highlights and features:

Quite Small

Optional translation feature

Multiple files support

Change timestamp plus drag and drop



NewFileTime Change info
Bug Fix: Convert file name to file time
Update of the language files and small fine cuts for W10 1909
NewFileTime Languages
NewFileTime user interface supports the following languages:

German, English
NewFileTime awards
NewFileTime awards
NewFileTime awards
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NewFileTime 3.91 (05.12.2019)
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NewFileTime 3.81 (06.10.2019)
NewFileTime 3.71 (02.09.2019)
NewFileTime 3.66 (11.08.2019)
NewFileTime 3.63 (15.07.2019)
NewFileTime 3.61 (04.07.2019)
NewFileTime 3.55 (24.06.2019)
NewFileTime 3.51 (11.05.2019)
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