myCollections is the perfect tool to catalog Applications, Books, Games, Music,
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myCollections is the perfect tool to catalog Applications, Books, Games, Music
myCollections review by Team on 18.01.2015
The free program myCollections is here to allow you to handle your multimedia collection. It lets you catalog and track your multimedia content, in addition to share it with others.myCollections is able to catalog all of your content: films (including x-rated), programs, books, games (there's even a specific group for NDS games), music, and TV series. myCollections will not require installation. All you must do is download an archive, extract its contents, then run the myCollections.exe file. After you rin it, the SugarBrown color scheme is chosen for the interface. In case you don't especially enjoy this color scheme, you can decide another one. Simply click on the Skin button and decide one of the various colours available. The multimedia content may be stored electronically in your personal computer or it may be physical media - myCollections will not care and it's going to allow you to catalog it either via searching your info and reading from .NFO files or the file names themselves, via a webcam acting as a barcode reader, or by manual entry. It's true, you heard that right, myCollections can just scan the barcode on the media and then search multiple online databases to retrieve all the info on the thing saving you countless hours of typing. In addition, it can be used from a USB drive. Other notable characteristics worth mentioning enable you to perform an overall search operation in all categories, export info to HTML, XML, PDF, or CSV file format, sort things by cover or without cover, name, media, read or not read, or alternative criteria, see all loans, find duplicate things, and create graphs for every group. myCollections comes packaged with several tools that are available for handling all your groups, as you're given the possibility to delete or edit the chosen item, remove the complete information about one item with only one click, in addition to view or update NFO data. MyCollections offers an intuitive layout as well as an adequate package of features for allowing you to handle your multimedia groups, and is suited to all kinds of users, no matter their experience level.

Download and install myCollections safely and without concerns.
myCollections Change info
Added Portuguese providers.
Added Music Providers :
Better Support of Flac Files
Better Integration of Send To kindle Button.
Fixed Export issue.
Removed Yahoo Music provider as it's no more available.
myCollections Requirements
.Net Framework 4
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No limitations
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myCollections user interface supports the following languages:
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myCollections awards
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