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Create your family tree
My Family Tree review by Team on 17.12.2014
Genealogical trees illustrate a family's entire heritage, which makes them quite valuable. If you have the chance of tracking down your ancestors, it would be a shame not to create a family tree. My Family Tree is a free, simple- to-use program that allows you to create highly detailed genealogical trees with nearly no effort. The genealogic tree in My Family Tree starts with the first member of the family. This can be anyone, as you will be creating the rest of the tree based on the relationship with this first person: father, mother, siblings, spouse, kids and so on. The application works amazing with GEDCOM files, enabling users to import this type of documents from some other utilities and continue with their work uninterrupted. The family connections are intuitively shown to immediately differentiate between blood relatives and those by alliance, tagged in various colors. It is possible to edit the information of each and every individual from the family tree by entering additional details about their life and possible relationships. If known, genetic data can also be set, such as blood type, eye and hair color, or hereditary diseases. Users can add photos and stories for any members in the family, along with video and sound files or other attachments of various kinds that bear testament to their lives or achievements. The application supports most popular media formats. Several visualization modes are provided. Apart from the standard tree view, users can show a family with descendants and ancestors in a timeline or in a simple list which contains all members and their details. If you select the first person, you will see his whole genealogical tree, with all his ancestors. If you select one of his ancestors, other persons, from the other side of the family will be hidden. Moreover, the utility can show age or sex graphs to get a better understanding of a family's statistics. The interesting part of My Family Tree is the fact that it allows you to set the year of birth to BC or AD, so if you can track down your ancestors, all the way to the ancient Romans, you can add them to your tree without any difficulties. It is also possible to set an approximate date of birth by selecting a description like "about", "before", "after", "estimated" and so on. Once finished, the tree in My Family Tree can be saved, exported or printed to GEDCOM, a genealogic tree standard format. There are not many configuration options when printing the tree, but given that you can add media files to the tree, leaving it on the computer is most likely a better option. My Family Tree lets you create complete genealogic trees with support for media content.

Download and install My Family Tree safely and without concerns.

My Family Tree highlights and features:

Interactive and customizable family tree charts

Add pictures, videos and attachments to every family members

Record facts and events with evidence explained citations for every person

Trace your family's movements using the map viewer

Sort, filter and edit all family members using the data grid

See all family events in a comprehensive interactive timeline

Analyze family statistics on births, deaths and marriages

Print multipage family charts

Scan pictures and documents directly into the family tree

Create customizable reports to share on your website

Check your data for discrepancies including ancestral loops

Relationship, phonetics and date calculators

Complete support for touch screen apparatus

Protect your data with encryption and privacy controls

Backup your family history data to portable device

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My Family Tree Requirements
.NET Framework 4
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My Family Tree awards
My Family Tree awards
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