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MailWasher Free is listed in Anti-Spam category and made available by Firetrust Limited for Windows. Unfortunately, we have not yet reviewed MailWasher Free. If you would like to submit a review of this software, we encourage you to submit us something!
MailWasher Free review by publisher Firetrust Limited:

What is MailWasher Free software from Firetrust Limited, what is it used for and how to use it?

The ultimate spam blocker software

The MailWasher application was designed to work directly with your email server, exactly like your email program does. But there is one important difference; you can tell MailWasher to delete a message at the server, without downloading it - or you can bounce an email back to the sender so that it looks as though your address is not valid.

MailWasher retrieves information about all the email on the server. With that information (some of which is also processed by MailWasher ) you can decide what to do with each individual email - download, delete, report or bounce it back.

If you check your accounts with MailWasher first, you can delete or bounce the email you do not want. Then, when you use your email program, it downloads only the remaining emails, those that you want to read.

MailWasher can be thought of as a first line of defense which can weed out junk, large wasteful attachments, and potentially harmful viruses.

Features and Benefits
Delete. unwanted e-mails before you download to your computer. You'll be able to see who the email is from, the subject, and the attachment. This will enable you to decide if you want to delete the email or keep it. A great way to stop viruses, large attachments or to just delete unnecessary emails from getting to your computer.

Preview. Easily preview the message in your email to see what the sender has to say before downloading it to your computer. This ensures you won't download any nasty emails to your computer. (Pro version only - free users can double click on a message to view the preview pane). Additionally, spam is marked in a red color, and your good email is marked as a green color for quick analysis.

Anti spam tools. Comprehensive anti spam tools ranging from your personal friends list and blacklist, customizable filters, external blacklists, bayesian spam filtering which quickly learns to distinguish your spam and good email and email virus filtering.

•Friends List. Add your friends email addresses to MailWasher and they will always be recognised. You can even hide your friends from the screen so the spam is easy to recognise.
•Filtering. Effective filtering to automatically spot spam, plus it uses a customisable list of blacklisted e-mail senders and/or regular expressions to filter out potential spammer addresses and messages.
•Bayesian spam filtering. This clever type of spam filtering learns which of your email is spam and which is not very quickly and accurately.
Recycle bin. If you accidentally delete an email, you can restore it back to your email account.

Fast download of messages, we have clocked speeds of 25 email message per second.

Simplicity. No flashy gimmicks, so easy to use that you won't feel like you have to learn a whole new program. In fact it has the familiar look and feel of Outlook Express. It's as easy as 1,2,3. Just check mail, mark for deletion/learning, then process mail.

Bounce back unwanted e-mails so the sender gets a 'User does not exist' bounced email back, thus making it look as if your email address is not valid. Great for letting someone you don't like (eg. ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend/annoying newsletter senders) think your email address doesn't exist anymore and that you're no longer contactable.
Warning: Please don't use this feature to bounce spam as most spam is sent from fake sender addresses, so the bounces go nowhere and may annoy your internet service provider.

Other features: Check mail at different intervals. Don't check mail at certain times. Play a sound when an email arrives, or be notified visually. Email log. Comprehensive help documentation on this site.

Download and install MailWasher Free safely and without concerns.

MailWasher Free is a software product developed by Firetrust Limited and it is listed in E-Mail category under Anti-Spam. MailWasher Free is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. You can run MailWasher Free on all modern Windows OS operating systems. MailWasher Free was last time updated on 19.05.2019 and it has 5,441 downloads on portal. Download and install MailWasher Free safely and without concerns.
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